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Fit for Work? Securing the Health of the Working Age Population

16 November 2010, 9.00am ? 5.00pm (incl. lunch)
West One, 9-10 Portland Place, Oxford Circus, London W1B 1PR

An IES public employment policy event

With a new government in place, it is a good time to assess how policy around the health of the working age population has changed, what the future direction is likely to be, and what more could or should be done to meet the dual aims of a productive labour force and improved public health. Now, with a number of health and work initiatives under way, we ask: How will the new government?s policies impact upon the health of the working age population? What more could, and should, be done to protect and improve the health of the working age population? What have been the main lessons learnt since Dame Carol Black?s Review, and what can we learn from international experiences? What are the implications of constrained public sector budgets for the health of the working age population? How can any adverse impacts be minimised?

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