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Comprehensive Spending Review 2010: Meeting the Spending Challenge

Thursday 21st October 2010, Central London, 08:30 - 14:00 (half day)

Wednesday 20 October 2010 will be a landmark day in modern politics with the results of the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review being announced.

The Comprehensive Spending Review will make clear what role the public sector has to play in reducing the current deficit, with the impact likely to be huge for all aspects of society.

CONFIRMED this week to deliver a pivitol presentation at this unique, highly informative forum is Norman Lamb MP, Chief Parliamentary and Political Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, Liberal Democrats. Norman will be providing insight on 'The Government?s Perspective.' His key points for discussion will include:

- What does the spending review mean for you? Delivering a step change in the drive for efficiency
- Creating a strategic approach to spending
- Ensuring departmental accountability for achieving more for less
- Thinking innovatively about the role of government in society
- Using all available talents to ensure the delivery of a stronger society as well as a smaller state


- Mike Freer MP, Member, Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Conservatives
- Chris Leslie MP, Former Director, New Local Government Network, Labour
- Tony Dolphin, Senior Economist, ippr

With the review to conclude on 20 October, 'Comprehensive Spending Review 2010: Meeting the Spending Challenge? will take place on 21 October, and will be the FIRST opportunity for YOU to dissect the Comprehensive Spending Review with your public sector peers.

Learn more about how the spending review will be implemented, what it will mean for you and how you can meet the spending challenge by attending this unique and timely forum.

It will be held under Chatham House Rules and will offer you a platform for informed debate and discussion on what Spending Review 2010 will mean for you and your organisation.

*N.B. Due to the topical nature and exclusivity of this forum, early booking is advisable.

View the full agenda by clicking this link.

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