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Innovation in Healthcare: Improving Care, Driving Efficiency

This conference is supported by the Technology Strategy Board, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, NHS National Innovation Centre and NHS Innovations London.

Healthcare in the UK is constantly evolving. As new technologies and processes are introduced into the NHS, patient outcomes improve, which result in better quality of healthcare. However, technology is only one part of the 'innovation pathway' ? organisational innovation and service redesign also has a major role in improving patient care. Lean methodologies are increasingly being adopted into the NHS, boosting efficiency and productivity. A recent review by the Foundation Trust Network claims that the NHS can make 600m worth of back office savings through sharing services, reducing waste and making the best use of resources for the benefit of patients and the taxpayer.

At Innovation in Healthcare: Improving Care, Driving Efficiency, a programme of key speakers will consider the role of innovation in improving patient outcomes, and its place in the new NHS. We will look at innovation in areas such as medical technology as well as procedural developments and strategies, offering an ideal forum for discussion on how to maintain a sustainable healthcare system in the face of vastly increasing demand.

Speakers Include:

Dr Nigel Sansom - Senior Manager for Technology Introduction, NHS National Innovation Centre Dr Penny Wilson - Lead Technologist in Detection and Identification of Infectious Agents, Technology Strategy Board Professor James Barlow - Chair in Technology and Innovation Management, Imperial College London Dr David Chilvers - Chief Executive, NHS Innovations London Dr Lynne Maher - Interim Director - Innovation, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement Christine Connelly - Chief Information Officer, Department of Health.

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This event is CPD Certified.

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