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Lets Talk About Sexual Health

15 June 2011
28 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LY

Sexual Health is infl uenced by a complex web of factors ranging from sexual behaviour, attitudes and societal factors, to biological risk and genetic predisposition. It includes the problems of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), unintended pregnancy and abortion, infertility and cancer resulting from STIs. Good Sexual Health is a key component of overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, access and signposting to information and services can support individuals to make informed lifestyle choices.

Increases in STIs among young and in older generations, as well as high levels of teenage pregnancy, demonstrate that there continues to be a need to educate and reach out to people. Sometimes its hard to start the conversation, the ?Let?s Talk
About Sexual Health? seminars have been designed to assist in building awareness and understanding about key aspects of Sexual Health, as well as helping practitioners encourage young people and adults to voice their concerns and overcome ?embarrassing? issues. The programme is free* and has been developed in partnership with Anglian Community Enterprise who have many years expertise and experience in delivering similar programmes across East Anglia and Essex. It is aimed at practitioners working in a health improvement related role to gain a better understanding and knowledge of all aspects of
Sexual Health.

The sessions will cover the following areas:
Current trends and behaviours in Sexual Health Male and Female Sexual Health issues Foundation knowledge in STI awareness An understanding of contraception and current
services offered Discussion on relationships and there effect on
Sexual Well-Being Sexuality and Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender
issues LGBT.

For more information, see the RSPH website.

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