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HACCP in Practice - RSPH workshop for Environmental Health Practitioners

24 November 2011
28 Portland Place, W1B 1LY

Local authority food safety inspections have come under scrutiny following both the ?Barr? and ?Tudor? E.coli outbreaks. The 2009 public inquiry into the South Wales ?Tudor? Outbreak recommended that the inspection of HACCP plans be audit-based. This workshop has been developed to provide inspecting officers with the practical skills they will need to effectively audit a range of different types and styles of HACCP plan.

Using Accelerated Learning techniques, the workshop will be interactive, memorable and fun. Workshop exercises will concentrate on the practical application of HACCP in catering, manufacturing and retail situations, enabling Practitioners to move from a theoretical knowledge of HACCP to a full practical understanding

Course content:
The course will examine the many different aspects of HACCP. We will begin by looking at the seven basic principles of HACCP, which will refresh more experienced EHOs and create a clear starting point to the day for everyone. The course will focus on the suitability of HACCP plans for different businesses and how best to design a plan for different requirements. We will look at the development and writing of HACCP plans, as well as teaching best practice in inspection. The day will feature a number of different activities, so that delegates can put what they learn throughout the day into practice.
Highlights of the day will include:

Welcome: Setting the scene, explaining the day and introductions.
Preventing Pennington 3: An insight into how it can all go horribly wrong and how to make sure you are not the
next EHP implicated in a public inquiry.
Practice what you preach: You need to be able to develop a HACCP plan if you are to assess whether a food business has done its job properly. This activity will require delegates to identify hazards and put together a suitable HACCP plan.

For further details see the RSPH website.

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