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Social Enterprise Summit

Venue: The King's Fund, London

This summit is the first in a series of three considering reforms to local health systems and changes in power and alignments between local authorities, the third sector and the NHS. This summit will provide a forum for critical analysis and some of the questions that will be posed over the course of the summit include:

  • Can social enterprise be the bridge between cooperation and competition in the NHS?
  • What happens when social enterprises fail? how can social enterprises compete with the private sector?
  • Can staff be protected and what are the legal implications of failure for employees?
  • Could improvements in healthcare quality and productivity be achieved through different organisational formats within the NHS? Or is it a case of ?spin off? or die?

These summits are aimed at Council, NHS and Third Sector chief executives, directors of commissioning and strategic planning, adult and children?s services, local authority and NHS public health directors and programme leads, Councillors, scrutiny and accountability leads, those charged with the design and delivery of public health frameworks and health and wellbeing boards, GPs concerned with understanding whole population planning and others from the commercial, independent and third sectors working to improve community health and wellbeing.

Keynote speakers:

Lord Victor Adebowale CBE
Chief Executive, Turning Point

Nigel Edwards
Acting Chief Executive, NHS Confederation

Julian Le Grand
Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, Trustee, The King's Fund, and Head of Mutuals Taskforce at the Cabinet Office

Bob Ricketts CBE
Director of Provider Policy, Department of Health

Ali Parsa
Managing Partner, Circle Partnership

To book go to the King's Fund website.

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