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Public Health System Reform Summit

The King's Fund, London

Under reform proposals included in the White Paper, Healthy Lives, Healthy People, each local authority and newly appointed director of public health will act as strategic public health leaders for their local population. Local public health leadership, and responsibility, will be returned from the NHS to local government. Health and Wellbeing Boards, based in local authorities, will provide a forum to bring together NHS commissioners, councils and elected councillors with patient champions, to join up the public health agenda with the wider work of the NHS, social care and children's services.

In light of the issues raised during the consultation period and in anticipation of the government?s response, this strategic event will consider some of the core challenges to successful reform:

  • will public health have the right resources to do the job?
  • where will accountability lie for outcomes nationally and locally?
  • will the levers and incentives in the system stack up into a coherent whole?
  • what can we learn from other parts of the UK?

These summits are aimed at Council, NHS and Third Sector chief executives, directors of commissioning and strategic planning, adult and children?s services, local authority and NHS public health directors and programme leads, Councillors, scrutiny and accountability leads, those charged with the design and delivery of public health frameworks and health and wellbeing boards, GPs concerned with understanding whole population planning and others from the commercial, independent and third sectors working to improve community health and wellbeing.

For more information, see the King's Fund website.

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