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Managing Change 2011: delivering public sector reform

The Barbican, London

The government has made clear its priority of eliminating the structural budget deficit within five years, with the Comprehensive Spending Review outlining funding priorities and emphasising the need for greater efficiency and productivity. At the same time, an agenda of reforms across the public sector ? in education, welfare, health and social care, to name just a few ? heralds a fundamental change in the way public services are delivered. This conference aims to provide delegates with insight into how change can happen, and how it can be successful.

Managing this period of change is a great challenge for public sector leaders; ensuring projects and programmes are viable, and making sure they come in on time and within budget, are now absolutely essential. Business change is very complex, and requires strong leadership and excellent programme and project management (PPM) skills. Mitigating resistance to change ? through robust risk management, effective measurement and management of benefits, and clear communication and interaction ? is vital if progress is to be made.

This year we have introduced a discount for three or more delegates attending the event from the same organisation, details can be found on our website.

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Mike Agnew
Divisional Events Manager

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