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E.coli - Beaches, Beansprouts and Beefburgers

16 November 2011
28 Portland Place, London

This conference will benefit from a number of expert speakers, sharing their experiences to help us understand how and why E.coli appears in so many settings. We are very pleased to announce that Dr Christina Frank, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist at the Robert Koch Institute, will be speaking about her first hand experience of dealing with the large E.coli outbreak in Germany earlier this year. Dr Frank will talk us through a description of the outbreak and will outline how the investigation unfolded, as well as discussing potential lessons that can be taken from this case.
Delegates will also hear a report on a recent trip to a UK bean sprout factory and see a chef attempt to cook the perfect beef burger. We will hear a personal account of the effects of E.coli and a discussion on how and why E.coli can be found on our beaches. There will also be discussion on how to manage E.coli outbreak control at a large supermarket and a talk about the new FSA guidance, as well as a look at the wider public health issues of E.coli.
The day promises to provide a comprehensive, interesting and informative examination of E.coli.

For more information, see the RSPH website.

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