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Understanding NHS Commissioning


This interactive course provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of NHS commissioning and how it impacts all aspects of the health sector. With the future structure of the NHS unclear, this course provides the history of commissioning and a deep understanding of the government?s plans for the NHS, offering key insight into future changes. Delegates leave with an in-depth overview of commissioning and what they need to do to strengthen their position as a commissioner, user or provider

  • Develop a systemic understanding of how commissioning in the NHS has developed
  • Consider the effect of recent policy proposals including the impact of the Health and Social Care Bill
  • Learn from the considerable expertise of health sector specialists - providing you with the essential knowledge to work effectively within new commissioning structures.
  • Formulate an action plan to strengthen your position as a commissioner, user or provider
  • Reflect on your contribution or interest to successful commissioning outcomes

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