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Concepts of Epidemiology: seventh crash course

Date: 05-09 December 2011
Venue: University of Edinburgh

Concepts of Epidemiology is an intensive 5-day course for professionals who wish to build a solid foundation of knowledge in the fields of epidemiology relating to public health practice, policy and research. As an introduction to epidemic concepts and principles, the course is most suited to people working in public health, such as nurses, doctors, health promoters, health policy makers and health researchers.

Concepts of Epidemiology is an intensive crash course which condenses the MSc in Public Health content into a full 5-day programme. This has been specifically designed and developed over a number of years for professionals working in public health practice, policy and research who would otherwise not be able to devote a year to this study.

The course is non-assessment based, and includes a certificate of completion from The University of Edinburgh.

For more information see the course website.

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