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Working with local government in England: understanding health reforms

London, Monday 10 October, Wednesday 12 October, Monday 17 October and Thursday 20 October.

The Government health reforms will fundamentally alter the landscape of the commissioning of healthcare and pose significant challenges for delivery. These important workshops will give you a clear understanding of local government's leading role in health improvement and how local authorities interact with central government to enable better stakeholder engagement in the policy process.

The Health and Social Care bill is expected to lay the foundations for a radically different health service. Local GP commissioning consortia will be responsible for around 80 per cent of the total budget for health, commissioning services with the aim of achieving better health outcomes and a more personalised service. There will also be a legal requirement for local government to create health and wellbeing boards and a duty on the GP consortia, directors of public health, adult social services and children's services, as well as the local HealthWatch, to participate.

Local government has a leading role in addressing health improvement and is today reasserting its role in improving the health of the public. In light of new challenges and with the growing recognition of the importance of addressing the social determinants of health and wellbeing, government at all levels has recognised that improving the health and wellbeing of the public is beyond the remit of the NHS alone and requires a strong partnership with local government.

There are four workshops - Monday 10 October, Wednesday 12 October, Monday 17 October and Thursday 20 October.

Training objectives:

The workshop will equip you with an understanding of the workings of local authorities and their interactions with the central government to enable better stakeholder engagement in the policy process. You will:

  • Explore the current responsibilities of local authorities
  • Examine the coalition government's agenda in detail and considered its implications for central/local relationships
  • Assess the opportunities for and constraints onmore effective working relationships with local government and stakeholder engagement.
  • Learn about the opportunities and challenges that the new health reform programme could deliver for their organisation.
  • Discover when, who and how to engage local government in policy development and policy delivery.

Delegates will explore the leading role local government has in health reforms and gain a valuable insight into the following:

  • The changing roles and responsibilities of different models of local government and key representative bodies
  • The constitutional separation between central and local government and how to ?join up' delivery
  • Local Government Finances
  • The role of Overview and Scrutiny Committees, Health and Wellbeing Boards and elected members
  • The role and remit of local government in delivering Social Care
  • Implications of the Health and Social Care Bill
  • How Directors of Public Health and Adult Social Services, GP's and NHS Trusts interact at a local level and how that is changing
  • Initiatives of interest to local government with a potential health interest eg Localism, Big Society, Community Budgets

Who should attend

  • Senior and middle managers whose work brings them into contact with local government and their representative bodies
  • Organisations looking to develop strengthened links and gain better working opportunities with local government
  • Commercial organisations looking to branch out into new markets and develop better financial relationships


For more information, see the Local Government Group website.


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