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Keeping Travellers Healthy

24 January - 25 January 2012
28 Portland Place, W1B 1LY

Safe food and water are fundamental to a happy and healthy life. Whether away from home on business or pleasure, travellers depend on the leisure industry to ensure that food they eat and the water they drink is safe. Water used for hygiene and leisure must also meet defined standards to ensure it does not cause adverse health effects.
There have been many outbreaks of illness amongst travellers due to poor hygiene and a lack of appropriate control measures to prevent food and waterborne illness. Good management systems need to be in place to prevent problems caused by a variety of potential pathogens. The conference will cover the pathogens of most potential risk; the situations and systems which pose the highest risks; the legal consequences; the risk assessment process; the means of managing the risks by implementing good health and safety practices and appropriate control measures to enable consumers to have an enjoyable, healthy and stress free experience. Lessons learned from outbreak investigations and litigation following outbreaks will be discussed by leading international experts in their field.

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