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A New Approach to Mental Health: Improving Outcomes for All

22 March 2012
Manchester Conference Centre

One in four of us will encounter a mental health problem of some kind during our lives and one in six do so at any one time. 45% of GPs say stress and mental health issues will be the biggest health issue they will treat this year. Nearly a quarter of disability in the UK is caused through mental ill health, and treatment is the single most expensive cost to the NHS. The publication of the White Paper 'No Health without Mental Health' sets out the cross-government strategy that aims to mainstream mental health in England and improve standards of care, support and treatment.

At A New Approach to Mental Health our expert speakers will explore the government's vision and discuss how the mental health strategy can be implemented to best ensure outcomes are successful. Delegates will have the chance to challenge, discuss and debate the key issues and gain relevant insight applicable to their professional roles.

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