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Learning for Individuals and Groups Masterclass

14 March 2012 (12.30pm-4.30pm)
Venue: Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

To enable participants to maximize the effectiveness of learning opportunities undertaken by themselves, their teams and other groups

This session relates to Specialist standard KH42- ?Ways in which individuals and teams learn and the benefits and disadvantages of different approaches? and Practitioner standard Area 1 Standard 4c- ?Continually develop and improve own and others? practice in public health by awareness of different approaches and preferences to learning.?

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the session delegates will:
Know a key theory about the cycle of learning
Understand that people have a range of different preferred styles of learning
Clarify their own preferred style and how this may influence they way they support the learning of others
Understand how to use group development theory to enhance learning in groups
Know a simple framework for designing effective learning events and processes, including how to choose appropriate approaches

The event is relevant for:
All public health professionals / workers (for example, anyone whose role impacts the health and wellbeing of individuals / communities / populations)

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