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Health Protection through EU collaboration ? a chemicals approach

06 March 2012 (1pm-3.30pm)
Venue: Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

The workshop will be led by Health Protection Agency

Learning Outcomes:
Consider the potential public health impact of transboundary chemical incidents within the European Union

Explore the arrangements and mechanism that exist to plan, prepare, respond and mitigate the effects of transboundary chemical incidents within the EU

Public Health Standards:
Area 2:
Technical competencies in public health practice
Promote the value of health and wellbeing and the reduction of health inequalities
Area 3:
Application of technical competencies to public health work
Work collaboratively with people from teams and agencies to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for populations within the EU
Consider the principles of effective partnership working
Consider ways in which teams and individuals work together to improve health and well being outcomes

The event is relevant for:
All public health professionals / workers (for example, anyone whose role impacts the health and wellbeing of individuals / communities / populations)

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