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Psychiatry Summer School

20-22 June, 2012
St Andrew's Healthcare, Northampton NN1 5DG

Everything you wanted to know about a career in Psychiatry but were afraid to ask...

FREE meals, FREE parking and FREE accommodation (subject to availability)

Packed programme of events

? Take part in a Mock Trial, giving an insight into Forensic Psychiatry.
? Meet Consultant Psychiatrists and Trainees at the ?Speed dating? event.
? Interview Patients, Experience Clinical Setting Visits with World Class Facilities.
? Visit High Secure Units within the area.
? Hear from Prominent Psychiatrists as Guest Speakers.
? Attend Evening Social Events.

Open to all Medical Students in their final 3 years from the University of Leicester, University of Nottingham, University of Cambridge and University of East Anglia.

Also open to Foundation Year 1 Doctors from the East of England Foundation School and East Midlands Foundation Schools.

For more info and an application form click here. 

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