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Nurse First initiative

Nurse First is a partnership between the Queen's Nursing Institute, Buckinghamshire New University, the Shaftesbury Partnership and Johnson & Johnson. We are looking for 25 very special community health professionals and we will help you achieve far more than you think you possibly could. We will give you the skills and knowledge you need but you need to bring your passion and self-belief. The course is free and we are looking for:

  • People who are unhappy with the status quo and think that services could be much better.
  • People who have strong personal motivation who are not afraid of challenging the system and their own organisation.
  • People who are resilient and can learn as much through failure as through success.
  • People who are creative problem-solvers and who can see that always following "the rules" doesn't always get the results.
  • People who are driven and who can keep going when the going gets tough.

We want people who think that wanting to change the world isn't a stupid idea. If this sounds like you and you are a healthcare professional who is working directly with patients or clients in the community, then apply for the opportunity of a lifetime. We want staff who are working in the community who are not in a senior managerial position but would like to be able to promote change or innovation.

The course is free and open to all healthcare professionals, not just nurses.

In the first cohort, preference will be given to people working in and around London, Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham and Inverness.

For more information, see the First Nurse website.

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