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A Mandate from the Government to Health Education England

The Department of Health has published (in April 2014):

Delivering high quality, effective, compassionate care: Developing the right people with the right skills and the right values: A mandate from the Government to Health Education England: April 2014 to March 2015

Chapter 5 (pp. 23-24) concerns public health. The summary of this chapter (pp. 47-48) reads as follows:

HEE will:

  • strive to ensure that education and training supports staff to deliver improvements in public health in England (5.3).
  • in delivering its functions, be mindful of the need to support the Secretary of State in meeting his duty to reduce health inequalities in England (5.3).
  • work with PHE to commission the appropriate number of public health specialists to meet demand and improve the public health capability of all professional healthcare staff undertaking training (5.5). 
  • work with partners to embed in curricula the competence and principles of prescribing medicines, including antimicrobials (5.5).
  • work with universities, commissioners and employers to ensure workforce capability, capacity and planning mitigates the risk of antimicrobial resistance as set out in the UK Antimicrobial Resistance strategy (5.5).
  • take steps to ensure that training is available so that healthcare staff are competent in the recognition of, and response to, acute illness such as sepsis as a key factor in preventable mortality (5.5).
  • work with regulators and royal colleges to conduct a review of the qualifications required for non-surgical cosmetic procedures and the qualifications required to be responsible prescribers, reporting by the end of April 2014, and making recommendations on accreditation of qualifications and course delivery (5.7).

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