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What information is on PHORCaST?

PHORCaST is divided into five main sections.

If you are completely new to health and wellbeing, you will want to read Public Health: Everybody’s Business to get an overall picture of just what public health really is. Even if you already work in public health, this section might open your eyes to the great variety of work that goes on in the field and to other opportunities that might be open to you. These pages explain why public health issues are important to everybody, and aim to get you thinking in general terms about how you can enhance a public health aspect of your current job or even start on a new career in public health.

The Careers, Roles and Job Requirements section will allow you to search PHORCaST’s database of roles in public health. There are currently about 30 roles on the site, at all levels of the workforce, and over 100 people working in these roles have contributed their career stories. Their stories will give you a good idea of what kinds of public health roles might be open to you, the challenges and rewards of those roles, and the ways in which people in those roles have moved and progressed in their varied careers—and exactly how they did it. Here you will find useful information about the training and education necessary for many different kinds of roles.

Developing Myself and My Career should help you do just that! Here you will find helpful advice and tips to help you think about where you are in your career, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there. There are links to tools that can help you to assess your current knowledge and skills in public health, advice on how to get the training and development you need, links to careers websites and useful advice on applying for jobs.

Accessing Education and Training provides UK-wide information about how to gain access to personal development opportunities (education, training and funding) for those working in the NHS, in local government, and for anyone else. Depending on your situation, the processes involved and the people who can help are different, but PHORCaST brings together all the information you need. This section of the site also provides links to databases of public health courses at all levels, together with links to university and college websites, and advice on what to think about when choosing your training or education course.

Key Public Health Resources gives you access to major public health websites (which have been assigned to categories), to useful documents relating to public health, and to news and events (conference details, new public health training).


To get a quick overview of the main contents of the site, take a look at the sitemap.

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