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The workforce

The public health/health and wellbeing workforce is traditionally divided into the following three groupings: *

Wider workforce
This group includes those who have a role in health improvement, protecting health and reducing inequalities but who would not necessarily regard themselves as part of the public health/health and wellbeing workforce.

People working in this group spend a major part or all of their time in public health practice. They increasingly work in multi-professional teams and include people that work with groups and communities as well as with individuals. They have knowledge and in-depth skills for their particular areas of practice.

Public health specialists
This group includes consultants and specialists who work at strategic or senior management level or at a senior level of scientific expertise such as in public health statistics. At this level, an ability to manage change, lead public health programmes and work across organisational boundaries is crucial as are technical skills in epidemiology, health promotion or healthcare evaluation.



*See Report of the Chief Medical Officer's Project to Strengthen the Public Health Function, Department of Health, March 2001
See Careers, Roles and Job Requirements for further information.

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