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Employers of the public health workforce

The public health workforce across the UK works in a range of settings and for a range of employers within the public, independent and third sector – local authority, health service, civil service, higher education, private sector, charities, hospitals. The workforce is also used to moving employment across sectors as careers develop. Increasingly, people may choose to be self-employed for some or part of their time.

The changes that took place in England in April 2013 in response to the Public Health White Paper meant that a substantial workforce, formerly employed within the health service, moved employer. There were also changes to organisations such as social enterprises and Foundation Trusts (England).

The following pages provide up-to-date basic information on different organisations that might employ the public health workforce from April 2013 as well as what you might need to think about if you decide to work independently and choose a portfolio career:

  • Local government 
  • Civil Service (National Government)  
  • Third Sector 
  • Social Enterprise 
  • NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups 
  • NHS Foundation Trusts 
  • Working independently 

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