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Coaching and mentoring

Man and woman in mentoring discussionSome people find one-to-one support a valuable method to help them with their own development.

The CIPD website provides introductory guidance. It:

  • explains what mentoring is and how it differs from coaching 
  • introduces some of the ways in which mentoring can be beneficial 
  • describes the qualities and characteristics required for a productive mentoring approach


The aim of the NHS mentoring toolkit is to function as a useful addition to local mentoring programs and training courses, as part of a concerted effort to foster a mentoring culture in the NHS.


  • Institute of Healthcare Management - holds a coach register, and gives guidance on how to select and contract with a coach
  • East of England SHA Coaching Network
  • West Midlands & East Midlands NHS collaboration 
  • NHS board level coaching
  • NHS Scotland mentoring and coaching (useful tools included)
  • Coaching and Mentoring NHS Wales

Or contact your local SHA or employer

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