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Recording achievements, identifying needs

In this section you will find more information about how to record your achievements and how to identify what learning would be useful to you to further your career. You can start to think seriously about your successes and your development needs using several techniques: 

Further information and useful links can be found on the Learning Needs pages of the NHS Education for Scotland's Shared Learning website or the Learning Needs pages of NHS Education for Scotland's Virtual Learning Centre.

Thinking about your achievements is also important for maintaining an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) in case you should want to apply for another job. You can find out more about developing a CV in our section on Looking for Jobs.

What are my strengths? 

You might like to look at the Public Health Skills and Career Framework page for information on skills and knowledge in public health (and for information about related self-assessment tools). You can do a quick check to see where you are and what gaps you might need to fill.


Example of a public health learning need
  • Learning need: To develop my knowledge and skills in order to undertake a health impact assessment (HIA)
  • How identified: Through self-assessment framework, personal reflection and feedback.
  • Methods of learning: Shadowing, Computer Based Learning, workshop, secondment, project volunteer, expert mentor, reading.
  • Timeframe: Over 9 months
  • Expected outcome: Increased confidence and competence in this area
  • Evidence: HIA undertaken – report, feedback, reflection

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