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Reflective practice

If you make time to think about your experiences both at work and at home, you can learn a lot about how to approach things in the future, to capitalise on the good and to minimise the bad. Reflection can help you recognise what you are learning from your work, and your strengths and weaknesses.

What should I reflect upon?

You should reflect upon:

  • how the work could be improved, why, and what the improvement will achieve
  • what you would have done differently, why, and what difference it might have made
  • what you learned
  • how you have applied the learning in subsequent work

The Faculty of Public Health has useful information about reflection on its website and includes a specific brief form for completion by those registered with it for CPD.

There is much information available about reflective practice on the Higher Education Academy website, Just type "reflection" into the search box on the homepage.

You may also find the SPH reflection wheel a helpful tool:

Document downloads

  • CPD Reflection Wheel
    Adobe PDF document, 90 KB

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