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Public Health Competence Assessment Tool

User guide
North West Centre for Transformation in Health and wellbeing

Welcome to the public health competence assessment tool (PHCAT), which is based on the competences detailed in the Public Health Skills and Career Framework (PHSCF). It has been developed by Solutions for Public Health with support from the Health and Well-Being Alliance.

The purpose of this tool is to help people to assess the type and level of competence ideally needed to carry out their public health role and responsibilities and then to compare what is needed with the level of competence they already have. This will then help to identify specific learning and development needs in order to boost competence levels.

Once you have identified particular learning and development needs you can then look at other pages ‘Developing Myself and My Career’ and at the Accessing Education and Training section to see what types of development activities could assist you in filling any gaps.

You can use this tool to assess your own or others’ competences in all nine areas of public health, or only in those areas relevant to your / their current position.

We hope you find this tool useful for thinking about your public health competences and that it will help to inform and structure your future learning and development plans.

We always welcome feedback on how to improve our tools. If you have suggestions to make please contact Ros Dunkley at

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