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Northern Ireland

Population Coverage

Universal coverage of 1,759,000


The NI Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety is funded from a block grant given to the Northern Ireland devolved administration from the UK Treasury. NI Ministers decide the distribution of central funds between government departments based on national priorities.

 Organisation at sub-national levels

Working under the DHSSPS, Northern Ireland has a Health and Social Care Board that has responsibility for commissioning and performance managing health and social services. Commissioning is also done through 5 local commissioning bodies, which act as the local Commissioning arm of the Health and Social Care Board. There are then 5 integrated Health and Social Care Trusts that integrate acute community and social services, with a view to strengthening linkages between these different services. There is also one Ambulance Service Trust.

Public oversight of health and social services is provided by the NI Minister and by a Northern Ireland wide Patient and Client Council.

Health care provision

Service provision takes place within the five HSS trusts, which manage acute hospital and a range of community services. General Practice is coordinated by the Health and Social Care Board

Organisation of public health

Northern Ireland has a new  Public Health Agency that will integrate work in all three domains of public health (improving health, protecting health and improving health services). All of the mainstream public health workforce will be incorporated into this new agency, allowing for more coherent workforce planning and development.

The national public health strategy is Investing for Health.

Key National Policies

See our Key National Policies section.


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