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Welcome Statement
from Sir Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer

"The public health workforce is central to delivering health improvement and reducing inequalities. The PHORCaST website and the dedicated pages for Scotland show how different public health roles and careers can contribute to delivery of this vision. Do use them and let us know what you think."



These pages are still in development and will be added to as well as being kept up to date. We would welcome your feedback on our progress to date – what you like, what you would find interesting etc.

Welcome to the new pages specifically aimed at the public health/health improvement workforce in Scotland.
Please use them if you are:

  • Within the public health/health improvement workforce and want to find out what is going on in other Board areas or at the national level
  • Interested in working in public health/health improvement in Scotland
  • Want to find out more generally about public health

In addition to all the other information on PHORCaST to help you plan your careers and contribution to public health you will find:

1. Information on how the structure of the health system works in Scotland

2. National policy documents relating to health and public health

3. Updates on health protection

4. How the voluntary sector is contributing to public health

5. What the different health boards are planning to improve health

6. Where you can get information on career opportunities

7. Learning and development opportunities in each health board and at national level

8. Specific opportunities for practitioner development

9. Links to relevant events in Scotland

10. Career stories of those working to improve and protect the public’s health in Scotland


Document downloads

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