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Searching for Roles and Career Stories

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How to do a Role Search or a Career Story Search

Here you can search for information about a range of roles in public health (including health and wellbeing), across the UK and at various levels in the workforce. The details given about each role will link you to one or more real-life career stories of people who work or have worked in that role. If you prefer, you can also search directly for career stories without doing a role search.

To do a role search or career story search, you will probably want to select the public health activity you are interested in or the level at which you would like to work (or both).

  • Area of public health:
    To make it easier to search for the roles you might be interested in, we have decided to group them in six broad groups of public health activity. Some roles involve activities in more than one category, and you can therefore find them under the most relevant categories. Click here for more information.

  • Level in the workforce:
    To help you view roles that are appropriate to your level of experience and training, we have categorized roles into three broad levels in the workforce. Click here for more details.

A role description or career story may include the following information:

  • Sector
    Public health practitioners (including health and wellbeing practitioners) work in a huge variety of settings, which are broadly classified as public sector, private sector or voluntary sector. The page describing a particular role will tell you in which sector or sectors you are likely to find such a role. You can read more about these three sectors here.

  • Salary
    If included, this is might be expressed in terms of:

    (a) National Joint Council (NJC) salary scale
    The pay and terms and conditions of employment for many local government workers are set out by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services. The same scale is used for many voluntary and community sector roles. 

(b) Agenda for Change (AfC)
Agenda for Change is a NHS pay agreement. Click for more information about Agenda for Change and AfC pay rates.

  • Preparation for role
    For some roles, formal qualifications and, perhaps, regulation, are required. You can read more about formal qualification and regulation requirements here.


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