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Level in the workforce

Workforce levels refer to the amount of experience an individual has in his or her work. One common way to differentiate levels is to divide them into three: entry, intermediate and senior.


Those starting out on public health/health and wellbeing careers. In certain roles, knowledge and experience may be a substitute for qualifications. Some working at this level may have GCSEs, “A” levels, NVQs, or even a degree.

Intermediate  Those with some work experience and who are delivering specific public health roles in one of the 6 areas of practice. Intermediate level individuals would normally have a first degree or equivalent experience and possibly a Master's degree or master's-level modules).
Senior  Those with several years experience who are developing and leading public health work in a variety of organisations. Senior level individuals would normally have a master's degree or equivalent experience.

If you would like to find out about roles at one of these levels, do a role search or a career story search at that particular level.

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