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Level Public Health Skills and Career Framework (full text here) NHS Career Framework (2004)
Sample roles 
5 Has autonomy in specified public health areas, continually develops own area of work and supports others to understand it. May contribute to a programme of work in multi-agency or multidisciplinary environment Practitioners. Most frequently registered practitioners in their first or second post-registration/professional qualification jobs Nutrition advisor (health promotion), community nutrition worker, public health information analyst working in a PCT, health protection information officer, community pharmacist, environmental technical officer, smoking cessation coordinator, oral health promoter, clinical dental health educator, allied health professional, registered nurse
6 Has autonomy and responsibility in coordinating complex public health work, reflecting wider and deeper expertise in own area of work. Able to develop, facilitate and contribute to programmes of work in multi-agency or multidisciplinary environment Senior Practitioner/Specialist Practitioner Staff who have a higher degree of autonomy and responsibility than practitioners in the clinical environment or who would be managing one or more service areas in a non-clinical environment Specialist in community public health nursing (e.g. school nurse, health visitor, occupational health nurse), children's family nurse, specialist smoking advisor, senior information analyst in PCT support service, regional information officer in HPA, school food advisor, pharmacy public health facilitator, health trainer programme coordinator, senior health improvement officer, environmental health officer, drug and alcohol coordinator, health promotion officer, sexual health advisor, oral health promoter
7 Has autonomy and expertise in a number of areas of public health. Will lead on areas of work within a defined field Advanced Practitioner. Experienced clinical professionals who have developed their skills and theoretical knowledge to a very high standard. They are empowered to make high-level clinical decisions and will often have their own caseload. Non-clinical staff will typically be managing a number of service areas Health emergency planning advisor in HPA, senior researcher in NHS unit, senior health promotion officer, public health dietician/nutrician specialist, specialist smoking advisor, health visitor, school nurse team leader, health trainer programme manager, pharmacy public health specialist, environmental health officer, health protection nurse, health improvement manager or programme lead, community development manager, drug and alcohol coordinator, health promotion officer, sexual health advisor, service and corporate planner

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