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Indicative Public Health Profiles Mapped to PHSCF Levels

Introduction to Role Profiles

The role profiles provided here are meant to be exemplars only. They were developed in response to a demand arising from participants in a number of Public Health Skills and Career Framework training workshops held around the country after it was published in 2008. These participants wanted to see how the competence areas and levels could be applied in ‘real life’ to real jobs.

The purpose of these role profiles is to spark thinking and discussion amongst public health workers as to how, in their own roles, they can demonstrate particular public health competences. For those working in the NHS, the different levels of the Public Health Skills and Career Framework have been mapped to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework. This mapping tool can be found on the SPH website. 

The roles used as exemplars were taken from Appendix 2 of the Public Health Skills and Career Framework, which tries to map types of jobs to each of the different framework levels. Job descriptions were taken from the internet, with professional body generic job descriptions used where available. These were current as of June 2010.

The key feature of these role profiles is the table at the beginning of each profile, which provides an overview of the competence and knowledge for each level, and then a column that estimates how the role meets the level for each of the nine PHSCF competence areas. As this estimate is taken purely from the job descriptions provided, they are not meant to be definitive as jobs and people in these jobs vary from organisation to organisation. They can only provide an educated guess as to how the role meets PHSCF competence and knowledge levels.

Document downloads

  • Level 1 example
    Adobe PDF document, 68 KB
  • Level 2 example
    Adobe PDF document, 73 KB
  • Level 3 example
    Adobe PDF document, 75 KB
  • Level 4 example
    Adobe PDF document, 86 KB
  • Level 5 example
    Adobe PDF document, 85 KB
  • Level 6 example
    Adobe PDF document, 92 KB
  • Level 7 example
    Adobe PDF document, 90 KB
  • Level 8b example
    Adobe PDF document, 95 KB
  • Level 8d example
    Adobe PDF document, 102 KB
  • Level 9 example
    Adobe PDF document, 114 KB

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