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National Occupational Standards (NOS)

National Occupational Standards (NOS) provide the means for assessing performance in a job: they are work-related statements of the ability, knowledge, understanding and experience that an individual should have to carry out key tasks effectively.

More information about NOS

Skills for Health (SfH), the Sector Skills Council for the health sector, helps the whole UK health sector develop a skilled, flexible and productive workforce to improve the quality of health and health care.

Skills for Health have mapped a range of public health activities to the National Occupational Standards (and Career Framework levels). Among the completed competences for various health roles that have been prepared by Skills for Health, you can find two sets of NOS specifically applicable to public health:

  • The NOS for Public Health Practice  
  • The NOS for Health Protection 

The Skills for Health website also provides a range of tools to help you self-assess and plan.


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