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Specialty Training in Public Health

If you:

  • have MBBS or an equivalent medical degree, are eligible for full registration with the GMC at time of appointment and hold a current licence and can demonstrate achievement of Foundation competencies by time of appointment in line with GMC standards/Good Medical Practice


  • come from background other than medical and hold a good first degree (First, 2:1 or equivalent grade) or a higher degree, and have at least 36 months (w.t.e) of postgraduate work experience in an area relevant to public health practice, including academic work

you might consider applying to join the Specialty Training in Public Health Programme. If accepted, you will be employed for five (or four) years to complete the programme. The training includes studying for a one-year Master's degree in Public Health (if you do not already hold one) then spending four more years in on-the-job training.

On completion of the specialty training programme, trainees are eligible for specialist registration. Medical trainees will then be able to register with the General Medical Council as specialists, while trainees from a background other than medicine will be able to register with the UK Public Health Register. At that point all are eligible for consultant or equivalent posts within the NHS.

Further details are available on the websites of NHS Careers and the Faculty of Public Health.



There is a bimonthly newsletter written by public health trainees for public health trainees. Archived copies of pH1 can be found in the Documents area of the Key Public Health Resouces Documents section.


See the following career story:

The role has a lot of potential, if you are willing to grasp the opportunities that arise you will be able to shape your career as you wish.

Julia Rosser - Public Health Specialty  Registrar (Trainee)


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