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Maintaining and Raising Standards (Health and Social Care Quality)

People working in health and social care quality may be involved in a number of different roles, ranging from clinical governance to working on issues related to safeguarding children. They might also be responsible for priority setting in their organisation, using the best available evidence to help decision makers allocate their resources in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Example Roles Responsibilities
Head of Safeguarding, Policy and Quality Assurance The post of Head of Safeguarding, Policy and Quality Assurance is responsible for ensuring that a Children’s Trust and all its public and voluntary partners) meets its statutory requirements, and for ensuring that the services provided to the children and young people continue to deliver, and also improve on, their safeguarding responsibilities.
 Health and Safety Advisor Staff working in health and safety/occupational hygiene roles are responsible for providing a professional health and safety service to all levels of staff working for a specific organisation. They will usually be part of a team, typically including estates officers, estates managers, human resources staff and fire safety officers. They will work with senior managers and may advise clinical and non-clinical staff if working in an NHS environment. Their work ensures that the employing organisation meets the requirements of health and safety legislation and corporate health and safety strategy and arrangements. Increasingly, the role is focussed on prevention rather than cure, checking, auditing and recommending safe working practices. Occupational hygiene is about “minimising the risks of ill-health caused by the working environment”.
Public health priority setting researcher A priority setting researcher is involved in researching and reviewing evidence based knowledge from a variety of sources and to deliver on specific topic based projects in a number of areas, as requested by specific clients or organisations.

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