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I work in the NHS

If you are working in the NHS and want to know more about development opportunities in your area, select the country or region in which you are working.

The NHS commissions and funds education provision for its workforce, and here you will find details on what is available and how to gain access to it.  The pages about your country and region will provide you with advice on the best person to contact to find out more about the funding that may be made available to you.

If you would like to read more about the various funds to which your NHS employer may have access, see the useful booklet on Funding Guidance for Employers issued by Skills for Health.

The NHS Bursary Scheme

The NHS Bursary Scheme provides financial support to certain pre-registration healthcare students in training (for instance Dieticians, Nurses and Midwives). Bursaries can be full (covering tuition and maintenance),cover  tuition fees only, or cover maintenance only, and some other allowances and awards are available. For information on eligibility criteria and applications, see the NHS Bursary Scheme details on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) website.


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